Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter Texan Olympics Walk-N-Talk

Starting at 10:00 AM, we were at Archer Park to register for the Walk-N-Talk event to be one of many representatives for our park.100_0903

We received a card with twenty-four check points we must get checked off to qualify.  Don is checking his card to find out where our first check point is in the McAllen downtown area. 100_0906

Our first check point is the Renaissance Hotel across the street, a beautiful building built in 1918, making it the same age of my mother.2011 Feb 18 Walk N Talk McAllen TX

There were many walkers and talkers from RV parks and resorts all over the area.100_0916

A check point and checkers mark Don’s card.100_0921 100_0922

Another check point. 100_0923

One of the objects of having the Walk-N-Talk event downtown is to showcase all the shops. 100_0924

She jingled as she walked.  Really. 100_0927

Tip girls, Eileen in front. 100_0928

You would not believe how many formal dress stores there are in downtown McAllen.  The girls really love their very fancy formals down here. 100_0931

Check point at J.C. Penny’s. 100_0937

Boot Jack was on our card… got to go across the street. 100_0942

Not a check point, but you know me, I can pass up taking a picture of a church. 100_0945

Oooooo, the checkers are getting younger. 100_0949

The bus station covers and entire block. 100_0950

Workers repairing the bus station roof.  Well, actually they were posing for this picture. 100_0952

Looking through the glass doesn’t do justice to these dresses.  The reflection of the car gets in the way.  Anyway, here’s a perfect Red Hatter queen dress.  It’s red and purple.100_0953


Rows and rows of upholstery material.100_0961

“Where’s this next check point?  Which way do we go?” 100_0964

Border patrolman going to lunch.  The guy on the right started smiling the second he saw me pointing my camera their way.  Nice guys. 100_0967

Last check point. 100_0969

They saved the prettiest checker for last. 100_0970

Complete!! 100_0971

Now for the long trek back to the truck in the parking lot.

Ropa Usada (pronounced oo-sah-dah) is a big business in the RGV. Literally, it means “used clothing.” 100_0973

Across the street from the bus station, I had a good view of the flags at the bus station. 100_0975 100_0979

We made it back to our starting point, the park. 100_0980 100_0981

The wind was blowing… slightly.100_0984

Joel and Linda met us at BJ’s for lunch.  Waitress Liz is explaining a menu item to Joel.   100_0987

Liz was an excellent waitress.100_0990

Being on his feet for over an hour may not have been such a great idea for Don, but we enjoyed the Walk-N-Talk.  And we really enjoyed visiting with Joel and Linda.

(I had a lunch sized Cobb salad and tomato bisque soup.)  I insisted that Joel and Linda try the hot peanut butter cookie and ice cream dessert.  I can literally look at this picture and taste it.  Hey, I may be onto something… like window shopping…  none of the calories and a lot cheaper.100_0992

Another pound… GONE!!

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