Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Morning, Girls!

About eighteen of us Tip girls gathered at Shoney’s for breakfast this morning.  I met some more gals I haven’t met before.

Bernard, our waiter, was very accommodating and took this picture for us, standing in the booth in the corner.


I regret that I didn’t get to spend time with the girls at this table.100_0898

Eileen, our driver, JoAnn, Doris (JoAnn’s sister) and MaryAnn (Doris’s daughter).  We had fun in the van! Eileen, JoAnn, Doris, Marian

Musa.. yes her face and eye are very bruised.  She fell about a week ago; got stitches out yesterday and she’s doing great.  Debbie, Julie, Myrna.clockwise:  Musa (kissed the ground a few days ago), Debbie, Julie, Myrna

Yours truly, ? Eck (promptly forgot her first name when she said her last name was Eck, pronounced like heck without the “h”), ? (memory fails me on this lady, too), Onalee, Jane, and Judy (across from me).  Thanks to Bernard for this picture,, ? Eck (for real), ?, Onalee, Jane, Judy

In case you’re wondering:  from the buffet…. scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms (yum), salsa, honeydew melon, a few pineapple chunks, two slices of grapefruit and decaf coffee.  All small portions…. well, small for me.

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Queen of Retirement said...

You look great and very perky! Congrats on your breakfast portions. I can see that you are really committed to your new healthy eating plan. You go girl!