Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slightly windy Thursday

Don visited several in the park this morning.  We also made another visit, but I  really don’t know how to post about it.

We went to the Olive Garden for lunch.  What?!100_0707

Yep, Olive Garden.  We both had the Pasta e Fagioli and salad.  I picked all the pasta out of my soup and all the crotons out of my salad and I didn’t even look at the bread sticks and Don enjoyed TWO after lunch mints. You’re very welcome.  And no, we didn’t have any wine.  Just two glasses of water… a little lemon in mine, please, and thank you.100_0706

Did I mention that I’ve lost another pound?!!!  That’s two pounds in two weeks.  Slow and steady. 

Did I mention that Don has lost TEN POUNDS in less time! 

Counting it all joy.

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