Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fredericksburg Monday

Stephanie was our chauffeur for today.100_4785

On our way to Fredericksburg, we took a detour to the James Avery headquarters. 100_4790 100_4791

We watched a short video about the founder and master craftsman, Mr. James Avery, a very decorated WWII veteran.  This lady explained the process of crafting a piece of J.A. jewelry.100_4792 100_4793

The retail store.100_4795

As I was taking a picture of the entrance to the property, a nice gentleman walked up and offered to take my picture.100_4797

Next stop… Fredericksburg.  We are headed to eat lunch. 100_4801 100_4802

Handsome Taylor, but we just call him “T” most of the time. 100_4805

Stephanie and Logan. 100_4807

Everyone but Steph had an Opa sausage sandwich for lunch.  Logan had a sausage on a stick.  His response after his initial bite… “That’s amazing!” 100_4809

Logan found a cap to model and struck his ‘gangsta’ pose. 100_4813

Don wants to go back to the Nimitz Museum before we leave this area. 100_4816

While waiting for the boys to go through the Fun Zone store, Don and I sat on a sidewalk bench and waiting.  Across the street walked a lady who is the thinnest woman I have ever seen in person. 100_4817

Because of the lack of water here, it’s rare to see flowers blooming.  This plant obviously is being watered by someone. 100_4818

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