Sunday, March 6, 2011

It’s official.

Don’s sermon this morning, or rather, the sermon that God gave Don for this morning was from Psalm 30 and entitled “The Ups and Downs of Life.”  Such a good message of encouragement from the Lord!

Don announced that we would be back to Tip O’ Texas next season and everyone applauded (I think) and some even cheered.  That was really nice and made us feel loved and appreciated.  Hence, the title.

The choir sang a medley of choruses that I dearly love.  After church, we stayed for pictures.  It’s really hard to get everyone in one picture.100_1254

While we were standing around talking to folks, Don motioned for me to come over where he and Monte were talking and said, “I want you to meet Lyla.”  Yep!  Monte had on Lyla’s name badge and didn’t even realize it!  We all had a good laugh about that.Hello Lyla!!  :-)

Joel and Linda came to church this morning, wanting to hear Don preach one last time before they leave in the morning.  We all went to Echo, in Edinburg, for their lunch buffet.100_1257

No! This is not mine!  I am really amazed that I wasn’t even tempted to eat the desserts.  I feel too good to mess up my goal and it is getting easier and easier for me to live my new way.  It’s all God!  Thank you, Jesus.100_1260

Pastor, are you going to take that spoon home with you? (check his pocket)  As it turns out, it was a plastic spoon he picked up when getting his dessert, just in case the waiter had taken his real spoon from our table.  But it was good for a laugh, anyway.  :-))Hey Pastor, are going to take that spoon home with you? ;-)  (it's plastic)

This is the Echo Hotel and Restaurant.a favorite place for brunch

Back at the Q, we took more pictures before we parted.  These are our “See you later” pictures.  We never say “Good-bye.”"see you later" pictures.  Joel and Linda are leaving tomorrow100_1265

This afternoon, Sally and Dennis came over for a visit and a couple of games of Spades.  Have played cards with them in forever!

The CRM board conference call meeting was tonight, so that took up most of Don’s evening.

We’re going to S.P.I. tomorrow, good Lord willing!!!

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Queen of Retirement said...

LaVon, you look GREAT and so much healthier. I am so impressed. I know you feel great too! Way to go girlfriend.