Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday was terrific!

There’s something called BorderFest in Hildago at the State Farm Arena, so Don and I went to find the SFA.  We found it.  The BorderFest is Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Not sure if we’ll go or not, but it sounds interesting.

We drove on toward the border.  Here’s part of the river bottom farm land.100_1202

Where you see one flag, you usually see three. 100_1203

We didn’t actually cross the border… just went far enough to get the Welcome to Texas sign.  Well, I almost got all of it.100_1204

As far as flags go, this is my favorite.  In several places here, there are four huge U.S. flags like this.100_1206

On the way home, we stopped at Sun Harvest Organic Foods just as Joel and Linda were going to their car.  Just seemed so weird to bump into friends at a store here.  Loved seeing them and made plans to get together Saturday.

Next stop, Delia’s Tamale Factory for a half dozen pork tamales for Don’s lunch.  He loved them!  Best he’s ever eaten, he said.  We’ll be getting some to freeze and share with the other tamale lover in the family when we visit them.

Tonight was our T.O.T. Chorus and Chimes Concert.  Egads!! Where Director Nancy’s head?!! 100_1208

Ha! Ha!  Looks like I’m singing a solo.  Would never happen! 100_1209

Oh, thank goodness… Nancy isn’t headless! 100_1210

After the concert, I apologized to Nancy for being in the chorus, even though I did have fun… I sure don’t feel like I did a very good job of singing tonight.100_1212

She forgives me!!  She’s wonderful like that, even though she is very talented and very good at directing the chorus.100_1211

And the latest update on Billie from daughter, Leslie: 

As I type, Billie is on her way via ambulance to a long term acute care facility in Ft. Worth. This is a major praise! She will be at Kindred Tarrant County Southwest. She will be receiving PT and OT 6 days a week and their goal is to release her from there straight to her house. She has been very awake and alert and was the major maker of this decision. We knew it was going to happen at some point, but this facility is (as we are told) really good and had only one bed open when they got the authorization from her insurance company.  So, it was take the bed and transfer today or risk losing the bed and having to go to another facility.  This company was one of the pioneers in pulmonary rehab and has a great track record with patients similar to Billie.  The average stay at this hospital is 28 days, but they think that Billie may be a candidate for a "short stay." Which can range from 14 to 21 days. 

So, we are saying a major praise and looking forward to seeing Billie up and active again.

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