Monday, March 7, 2011

It’s been how many years????

After the MMM, we headed to South Padre Island to see my friends from way back when the girls were pre-school age, Jim and Paula.

On the way to the island, we could see the flames and smoke of a big grass fire.Fire!

Skinny horses along the highway.100_1271

It’s a circus!! A Circus!!

Port Isabel.Port Isabel about to cross the causeway

Going across the causeway, I spotted dual hang-gliders.100_1278

We arrived at the condo where Jim and Paula are staying.  Paula:  “Get out of that truck and give me a hug!”"Get out of that truck and give me a hug!!!"

And we picked up right where we left off, years ago.

A view of the gulf from the condo second floor patio.100_1280

Meet Paula and Jim. 100_1285

We all took a long stroll on the beach.  So relaxing.

Well, it was just there… so now it’s here.100_1286

Love this setting.100_1287

Beautiful friend.  It was wonderful reconnecting with these friends.100_1288

In our other life, the girls and I went to church with Jim and Paula.  They were our worship leaders and they still play the guitar and sing.  Don and I enjoyed the mini-concert they sang for us.100_1289

The last time I saw Jim, his hair was short and dark, as was his beard, with only a speckling of silver.  Only a few months ago, he said he was wearing a pony tail.100_1290

At dinner time, we drove back across the causeway to Dirty Al’s for a delicious meal.100_1293

Out the restaurant window.  A post for each bird.100_1294

Our waiter helped out with the picture taking. 100_1295100_1296

Back at the condo, we looked at pictures and visited more.  Before we knew it, we all realized we were exhausted and turned in for the night. 

What a day full of blessings!  Thank you, Jesus!!

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