Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I tried not to have favorites, but this really is my favorite puppy in the park…  Rocky, the Pomeranian or as I call him, Rocky Pom.100_5388

Rocky Pom is so cute at the window as Donna and I walked away.  The window screen gives the meshy effect. 100_1243

There is a big Bottle Brush tree in the park and if all of these buds burst into bloom, it will be gorgeous.100_5383

Marilyn, down the street, planting aloe vera.100_1213

Donna with her very first artistic creation.  100_1217

Beautiful picture.100_1217-1

Bonnie was in the same art class.  100_1214

Bonnie’s art work. I LOVE old structures.100_1215 (2)

As I go off to get Donna for our walk around the park, Don stands in line for an ice cream!  100_1216

We came back through the main hall so I could get a picture of my hubby enjoying his frozen creation.  That’s an ice cream well filled with strawberries!100_1219

Our walk took us past the indoor pool where a game of volleyball was taking place.100_1220

Warren and Jan.  Makes you say, “awwww,” doesn’t it?100_1222

Just had to take a picture of this lady who is headed off to a pot luck….100_1224

because I grew up with a cake cover in our kitchen covering our cakes, just like this one.  Exactly.  Made me think of my precious mama.100_1224-1

Greyhounds fascinate me.  This is Dude.  100_1225

Dude was friendly, but very docile. 100_1226

Beautiful eyes.100_1232

Dude’s yardmate, Misty, an Australian Terrier.100_1230

We didn’t get a lot of exercise for stopping to visit with park pets.  This pretty fur-lady was soooo hyper.  She played hooky from obedience school.100_1233

The halter is for helping to control her, not because she bites.  She was very, very friendly.100_1234

Looks like a tree you would see in the bayou of Louisiana, not the Rio Grand Valley of Texas.100_1235

So many beautiful, pink roses on one rose bush.100_1238 100_1236 100_1237

Our last fur-friend encounter.100_1244 100_1245

We had Don’s famous grilled chicken/onion slices/fresh pineapple slices for dinner served with baked fresh asparagus.  Oh. Yum.

Topped off the day with Bible Study here with Lyla, Monte, Roger, Carole, Jan and Warren.

We are so blessed.

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