Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mark in March

Mark 1:

21 Jesus and his companions went to the town of Capernaum. When the Sabbath day came, he went into the synagogue and began to teach. 22 The people were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with real authority—quite unlike the teachers of religious law.

Jesus went to the church on the Sabbath and taught… like He knew what He was talking about. (Imagine that.)  And His teaching amazed people because He didn’t teach like the teachers of the law who I can just imagine stood and repeated the same thing every Sabbath day.  Jesus actually taught.

23 Suddenly, a man in the synagogue who was possessed by an evil spirit began shouting, 24 “Why are you interfering with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One sent from God!”

Are you shocked?  An evil spirit in the church?  Evil spirits have been in the church ever since there was a church, often stirring up trouble.  Sometimes they are even in the pulpit with an agenda to divide the people and destroy what God is doing.

Did the other people present know that the evil spirit was there or did they just think it was a normal person?  Was anyone there close enough to God to discern the evil among them?

25 Jesus cut him short. “Be quiet! Come out of the man,” he ordered. 26 At that, the evil spirit screamed, threw the man into a convulsion, and then came out of him.

Jesus knew the evil spirit was present.  When Jesus commanded the evil spirit to come out of the man, then the spirit revealed himself by screaming and throwing the man into a fit.  But the demon had to obey Jesus… they have no choice.  That is another indication that Jesus is God… the demons recognize Him and obey Him.

Even the demons believe in God.  However, what Christians have beyond believing in Jesus is a relationship.  We trust God with our lives and depend upon Him for everything.

27 Amazement gripped the audience, and they began to discuss what had happened. “What sort of new teaching is this?” they asked excitedly. “It has such authority! Even evil spirits obey his orders!” 28 The news about Jesus spread quickly throughout the entire region of Galilee.

Jesus brought a new teaching.  How exciting to have been there to hear the scriptures of the prophets of old come to life in a way that filled the longing in their hearts. 

How exciting it is for me, today, to have the scriptures come alive!  No joy or happiness compares with my relationship with Jesus and being so aware that I no longer have a void in my life.  The emptiness is gone; filled up with Jesus!  I will never be alone.

What does Mark 1:21-28 say to you?

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