Saturday, March 5, 2011

39 years for Joel & Linda!

It’s Saturday.

I just had to say that because I have a hard time keeping up with the days.

Don went to the grocery store to pick up a few items for the lunch he is preparing for Joel and Linda.

John and Nancy BeilkeI rode my bicycle over to see Nancy.  She had  emergency surgery Thursday for an abscess in her nose and got home from the hospital yesterday.  Her face is still a little swollen, but she’s doing good. Nancy is our beautiful chorus director.

Joel and Linda came for lunch and it was scrumptious.  Yesterday was their 39th wedding anniversary so today felt like a celebration for all of us, complete with shrimp cocktail.  Also, they will be leaving the RGV on Monday and we will really miss them.  Hopefully, they will come to church here in the morning and we’ll go to brunch with them after church.

We played a came of Zilch aka the Stupid Game and then took a break for dessert.100_1247

The bowl in the middle WITHOUT the lemon pound cake is mine!  And notice the very small dollop of strawberry yogurt on mine.  I do love the fruit salad Don makes for me.  Thanks, Hon!!the one in the middle without pound cake is mine!

Char and John dropped by for a visit tonight.  John had taken a picture of Don and I at the Walk and Talk a couple of weekend’s ago, so they brought us a copy.  Nice couple.  We thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

Tomorrow is Sunday!!  See you in church!! 

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Queen of Retirement said...

YAY LaVon. You are doing so well on your healthy eating plan. It gets to be fun doesn't it?