Friday, March 11, 2011

Thankful – My Gratitude Journal

Inspired by Michelle DeRusha at Graceful.  Even though I love the feeling of a book journal and the lines on each page, I will journal on Bakers’ Blessings to save space in the Q.

Today is my first Thankful entry, which are today’s.

1.  The beautiful lady who gave her life to Jesus this morning in our living room.

2.  Washing machines and driers.

3.  Getting all the laundry done in two hours.

4.  A husband who cooks, healthy.

5.  A husband who prays for me.

6. A husband who encourages me.

7. A husband who loves the Lord.

8. The blessings of the RV ministry.

9. Snookie’s blog post.

10. New bathroom door knob that works.

11. Ice.

12. Water.

13. Walking (Walk Away the Pounds).

14. Eyes that see.

15.  Smelling (see #4).

16.  My Bible.

17.  Sunshine.

18.  Blue skies.

19.  Soft breezes, even if they gust ever now and then.

20.  Friends that call (Snookie, Lucy, Billie (she’s doing great!, Paula, Donna, Mama).

21.  Family that call (LaNae, Leslie, Mom).

22.  Texting (Tammy, LoPo, Leslie, LaNae).

23.  Technology!!

24.  Prayer (Japan earthquake)(24:7)

25.  Answered prayer.

26.  12 pounds gone!

27.  Don feels better!

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Tammy said...

makes me think I should call more often ... but texting seems to work well with the time difference. I so appreciated Nae's call this morning! Sweet stuff. And thanks for your text to check on us.