Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to tour the garden again

Who is that I hear knocking at the Quantum door?

"Good morning, Toma!"

Toma came to announce the "arrival" of a new cactus bloom.  It's called a Trichocereus (long "i"). Sounds like it should be a dinosaur, or a rhino with three horns, instead of a cactus, doesn't it?   The TC is in the same family with the Argentine Giant with the obvious difference being the color of the flower. Isn't it gorgeous?!April 16, 2009 Cactus GardenJust outside the entrance to the garden is this Saguaro Cactus, about ten foot tall, with numerous flower buds.  We sure hope at least one of them opens before we leave on the 27th.  The Saguaro is also a variety of trichocereus.buds preparing to bloom atop a SaguaroI really should do a post just on the different rocks that have been brought into the garden.  Jim and Toma brought these from California.  Maybe that will be a post for next winter before the flowering starts.rock from CaliforniaThe African daisies just keep blooming and blooming. African daisiesSomeone who is leaving tomorrow was cleaning out their refrigerator and brought us the big fresh lemons.  The are so big!  The two smaller ones were purchased at the grocery store. [I know, random pictures here, huh?]desert lemons vs. purchased lemonsBefore we went to get a burrito, Don, Ellie and Jim were chatting over the back patio fence.Ellie and Don visiting over the back fenceEllie's mums.Miss Ellie's mumsOn our way back from lunch, I asked Don to stop so I could get a good picture of my favorite Pinal County dead tree.  Now I wish I had gotten out of the truck and took a picture from the other side with the sun shining on it... it's almost favorite local dead tree in Pinal County, AZIt's as though it is a lone sentinel over the desert valley as it watches the fields and favorite local dead tree in Pinal County, AZPrickly Pear with luscious rose colored roses.100_3690You should have seen the girades and dances the dove hen did when she flew from her nest and landed on the ground, trying to draw me away from her nest of babies.  It was quite an act.  I got these two pictures and then I followed her so she wouldn't have an anxiety attack.dove young'uns still in the nestdove baby still in the nestMore prickly pear, different variety, different color flower.100_3696Prickly pear: longer needles, different color flower.prickly pear cactusThe Santa Rita Purple Prickly Pear cactus.  Isn't the contrast of colors stunning?Santa Rita purple prickly pear cactus - beautiful contrastToma captures these beauties for her album. She has been working in the garden all day.  We're both taking advantage of this beautiful day after the dreadful day of dust and wind yesterday.Toma captures the colorStaghorn Cholla also come in all different colors.Staghorn ChollaOne last view of the "star of the day" Trichocereus.after noon - Tricho cereus - another night-bloom (lasts about 24 hours)100_3709Don felt pretty good today with more energy this morning.  He was gone for quite a while visiting residents.  Please pray for Dan and Glenda.  They will be leaving soon and unless God grants a miracle, Dan will not be back next fall.  His chemo treatments are so painful that he has stopped them.  He's a very strong Christian and is ready to go Home.

There are others in the park who need our prayers.  We all have family members who need prayer.  You know, the simple fact is... we ALL need prayer, we all need God's presence in our lives every second of every day.     

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