Friday, April 3, 2009

It's a bad one...

Well, today, it's really, really windy and we've had a bad dust storm.high winds and dust storm 100_3259 corner of 287 and Eleven Mile Corner Road As I was getting out of the truck, there was this huge cloud of dust.that's dust This is the only mountain we can see today.  All others are obscured by dust.we can barely see the mountain from the park This dust is so fine, it gets everywhere.  We had to close up the Quantum and turn on the AC.  This is the worst one we've's everywhere in the air The palm tree next door really took a beating. 100_3270 Report on Don's doctor appointment: He now has another prescription for high blood pressure meds to go with what he's already taking.  They did a complete work up and if there's anything to be concerned about, they'll call.  We took his BP this afternoon and it was closer to normal than it's been in quite a while.

We are so blessed.

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Wendy and Rick Fury said...

I remember those storms. Glad his appointment went good. Love you guys.