Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

About 8:00 PM and after two games, which the guys won, I got this "let's go" signal from Don.  We said our goodnights and outside I learned that Don's heart was trying to jump out of his chest, which just drains him of all his energy. (The shock of winning two games was too much for his heart!)  He was so weak, but he made it back to the Quantum which was only a couple of sites away.  He made it to his recliner, took his meds and rested until 10:00 when he got up and went to bed, after his heart had settled down.  With resurrection power, Our Father raised Don up this morning and he got ready to preach the Easter message, "The Emmaus Experience," that the LORD had given him... with gusto, I might add.  God was working this morning in an incredible way and the old devil did not want God's Word to be preached.  While walking to the Community Center, Don got a migraine headache, first full-fledged one he's had in many, many months.  The squiggly lines were dancing before his eyes so badly that he could hardly read the text in Luke 24.  God took over and it was a powerful, encouraging and yet convicting sermon. 

We are on our way to Tim and Lori Pruit's for Easter lunch, but I just wanted to give you a report on this morning and praise our risen LORD a little more. 

It is a gloriously beautiful day here in the desert of Arizona.

Because He Lives!

LaVon and Don

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