Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Afternoon

Our shingle says Chaplain Don & LaVon Baker; not Don Chaplain and LaVon Baker.100_3554Around 1:00 we went over to the Pruit's for lunch.  Tim's dad, Morris, visits with Don.Morris Pruit and DonWe met a family who are friends of the Pruit's.  I can't spell their last name, but Danny and Kathy have eleven kids.  They were a wonderful family and I had so much fun with the kids!  I got to use my new words like "slammed" and "gangsta" and we laughed.  Do you know how long it's been since I made a teenager laugh??  Me either.  That Tim's mother, Carol, in the blue dress on the left.a house full for Easter at the Pruit'sTim and Lori have this great tent that some of us ate in and others ate on the patio.100_3559Two of the kids, Autumn and Anna (pronounced ah-Nah)Autumn  and Anna Heidi Pruit and her boyfriend, Jared.    Heidi Pruit and Jared BrittainHeidi and her dad, Tim.  Isn't she just the cutest?!  She's a freshman in college, I think.  I know she's in college, but not sure about the year.Heidi and dad, Tim PruitDon and Lori.  Don't worry.  He wasn't trying to kiss her, he was in the middle of saying something.  Or maybe he's pouting about something.  I can just hear Rick Fury now: "He's pouting because that pretty blonde WON'T kiss him!"  LOLDon and Lori PruitBack at Sunscape, I drove around on the golf cart with my camera.  This rose bush has the most amazing roses.  I would describe the color as a dusty red edges with white inside.100_3567So pretty.100_3568This one had more white showing and they smelled heavenly.100_3569The bush is loaded.100_3570

Late afternoon found me back in the cactus garden.  Toma's identifying rock said this is a Redheaded Cowboy.Redheaded Cowboy100_3599nesting doves in a Cholla cactus Staghorn Cholla Yellow

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