Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Bike Ride and NOMINATION!

We got a report that another Argentine Giant is blooming, so I grabbed the camera and took off on my bike.  One of Jack and Maggie's Argentine Giants has fifteen buds!! Two are now blooming.

Jack and Maggie Mitchell's Argentine Giant trichocereus

Six of the fifteen giant buds!Jack and Maggie Mitchell's Argentine Giant trichocereus buddies This Iris is almost black.  It's actually a deep, deep, deep, deep purple.Iris  Barrel cactus. One red. Red Barrel Cactus, left. Barrel cactus, right. A few residents in the park love to plant beautiful flowers and water and tend to them.Sunscape residence The rest of us sure do appreciate and enjoy their beauty.  Sunscape residenceSome call this an Elephant Ear for obvious reasons, others call it the Tuna Cactus. some call this an elephant ear cactus.  some say it's a Tuna. Whatever you want to call it, it's BIG and the flowers are pretty.  Are you noticing the pretty blue sky?  It's predicted to reach 104 degrees today!whatever you call it, it's big

Are you ready to take a stroll through Linnea's rose garden? Linnea's roses Linnea's roses Linnea's roses Linnea's roses Linnea's roses Aren't they just beautiful?  Linnea insisted that come inside and visit with her so I did for a few minutes.  When I got back to my bike, the seat was HOT!

As I passed Dorie's park model, she was arriving home from the pool so, I stopped a chatted with her a few minutes.  She's ordering "Fireproof" and the "Love Dare" book for her marriage.  The things of life go on no matter your age or where you live, even in a resort.  I love Dorie's shirt

I sure did enjoy my bike ride this morning.  

Well, when I got back to the Quantum, Don was sitting on the patio under the awning reading a book, so I sat down and interrupted his reading.  Quickly we had a visitor. well, hello Mr. Roadrunner on our patio We didn't have anything to feed him, so he ambled over to the oleander hedge where a pair of quail were underneath, probably building a nest.  Roadrunners love quail eggs and quail chicks.looking for the quail nest? He was listening as I told him he better go away and leave the quail alone.you better leave those quail alone So he went on his merry way.ok, movin' onAbout the time, around 3:00 PM, when the temperature hit 100 degrees, Don and I made our way to the swimming pool again this afternoon.  We enjoyed the water for over an hour and then it was time to get out of the sun.  Also, I needed to meet Dorie to go with her to feed the desert birds and rabbits for a friend.  After we put out the feed, we sat back in the shade of the shed and waited.  In just a few minute the quails, doves, finches, black birds, and rabbits started gathering.  Actually, at five o'clock, it was still too hot for most of the rabbits.  Still, I was surprised at how many rabbits are in the desert.  One little bunny ran out to get a piece of orange peel and then ran back to the shade to eat it.  Smart rabbit. 100_3832 100_3829  The bunnies wouldn't stay in the sun very long before they would head for the shade of a bush or building along the fence.100_3834 100_3836

Dorie wasn't feeling well and her head was pounding, so I came back to the Quantum and got the blood pressure monitor that Sharon Peterson gave Don last winter, went over to Dorie's and checked her blood pressure.  Her BP was fine.  And her head stopped throbbing.  She'll be going for a complete physical soon.

We went into CG to Whataburger for a burger and strawberry shake for dinner.  On our way home, I got a call from Snookie.  She was obviously, very excited about something and couldn't believe we weren't at home so I could check my email.  She insisted on staying on the phone with me until I got to my laptop.  The suspense was killin' me. What was she so excited about?   We have both been nominated for a blogging award on http://BloggersChoice.com ... nominating person is rvtraveler75 who has been following Snookie's Quinns' Awesome Journey almost since the beginning.  Neither Snookie or I know this person, so we feel honored that this person likes our blogs enough to nominate us for an award.  Thanks again, rvtraveler75!! Oh, I almost forgot, if you want to vote for my blog.... need votes to win the award... click on the widget at the top of my sidebar and that will take you to the site where you cast your vote... for Snookie and me.


This week, Snookie posted a really cool post about blog lurking.  I was going to "steal" it (with her permission), but decided just to send you to her post instead -------------------------------------------------------------->>> Delurk*Delurk*Delurk  just don't forget to come back here to leave ME a comment.  Please don't leave your comments for me on Snookie's blog.

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