Saturday, April 18, 2009

Praying for Jerusalem

As we continue to pray for Israel and for Jewish people all over the world, it thrills me when I read a testimony of a Jew, such as this >> Sam Rotman.<<

I learned of Mr. Rotman through my friend's website, Hala Saad,

Hala is one of many who needs our prayers and support as she ministers to Arabic speaking people, she herself was born in Egypt and her family lives there still.

Joel Rosenberg, founder of The Joshua Fund, also needs our prayers.  >>What is the Joshua Fund?<<

“Now is the time to stand with Israel, bless Israel, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the Psalmist tells us to do,” Rosenberg said. “The world is increasingly turning against Israel. But as an evangelical Christian, I believe the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will protect the Jewish people and bring judgment on those who wish to curse her and bring her harm.”

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