Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another dust storm

[update:  When the Jam session was over, Don slipped $3 more into Maggie's hand to make the Home of Hope offering an even $100.]

High wind and dust is the order for today.  Hence, we spent most of the day inside.

Tonight we ventured to Community Center for the last Gospel Jam of the season.  The crowd was just about one third the normal crowd because many have left for the summer. Even so, $97 was collected for the Home of Hope in Casa Grande.

Donna Flynn sings.Donna Flynn Thelma, Donna and Dorie sing a trio.Thelma, Donna, and DorieOur colorful Ms. Dorie.Dorie Bardell"Thumper" sings, Sherry plays.Thumper and Sherri"Thumper" accompanies everyone on his bass guitar.ThumperDuring the second half of the jam, after the break, Dorie sings her heart out.Dorie BardellVirgil sings "Long Black Train."VirgilWe all stand and sing "Amazing Grace" as the fiddle player leads out.  Afterwards, the jam night is brought to a close with a rendition of "God Bless America.

We are so blessed.

Have a wonderful day!     

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