Sunday, April 19, 2009

Next to last Sunday

For lots of Winter seasons here at Sunscape, Jan has made a birthday/anniversary cake for all those who have birthdays and anniversaries during the Summer season while not at Sunscape.  Thanks for our birthday cake, Jan!Jan makes this cake every year Many have left, so we were down to sixteen.  GH and I are missing in this to last Sunday choir with GH missingSermon title this morning was "Laughter is the Best Medicine."  Don did a great job with this topic and then transitioning from the topic of laughter to the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tying them together.  He never preaches a sermon without presenting the Cross of Jesus.

Church is over... eating fellowship, which includes a little eating, is is over, Don is at the back doorVirgil tried to make us think that part of this is for his wife, Linda.  R.I.I.I.G.H.T.have some dessert Virgil!!GH and Pat Sublett... Happy Birthday to Pat... Today!GH & Pat Sublett on Pat's birthdayToma and Jim.Toma and Jim ChesnessAfter church, Don and I visited with our landlords, Jim and Ellie for a while and then we went to Casa Grande for lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, Macayo's.  On the way, a new field of freshly baled alfalfa hay.  Look at all the bales!fresh alfalfa hay bales... lots of themHere you can see the baling tractors and equipment, sort of.100_3744Once home, Don settled in his happy place, his recliner, and I also got a nice nap.  Toma came over about 3:30 and invited us over to their park model.  Neighbors Jim and Emmy were there, too.  I love to listen to Emmy talk... she's from Germany and even though she has been in the States for many years, she still has a very heavy German accent.  They're leaving soon.Jim and Emmie Cleveland Before long, I was in the garden behind their park model.  Toma and I were actually trying to find a lizard that Don saw on a dead stump in the garden.  He has such eagle eyes.  We never did find the big lizard, but I got a picture of this small "airport" cactus.  Toma calls it that because it's not natural to this area and it's small.The dove is patiently waiting for her turn in the feeder or maybe the quail is just a bully. Notice how the sun is shining through the cacti. quail and doveNice picture of the Staghorn Cholla in the sunshine.100_3766"Do I take a bath or just get a drink?" You know, it reached 94 degrees here today, so I'm thinking the water in this shallow bird bath is rather warm.Gambrel quail at waterI promised a picture of Jack of Jack and Kathy fame.  That's Jack on the left and that dark loaf on the table beside him is the banana nut bread he made for us.  They are leaving for Michigan in the morning.  This is Jim and Toma's patio.Jack Gordon, Jim Cleveland, Emmy Cleveland, Toma ChesnessWhen we went home after a fun time with friends and neighbors and saying our "so longs," I took a book back to Ellie.  She said,  "I'm bored.  Let's play Aggravation!"  So I got Don and we had fun with Jim and Ellie and also enjoyed Jack's banana nut bread with coffee.  Yeah!!  Girls rock!  2--0.   Jim and Ellie are leaving for Branson in the morning.

We pray for safe traveling for everyone.   

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