Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Blessings

Immediately as the congregation sang the closing song, Don and I were on our way to Picacho Baptist Church with the $2512.00 check for fifteen of their youth to attend youth camp.  We got there at the end of the singing. Picacho Baptist Church worship teamPastor Jeremy Gee, left, preached a good message from Revelation 2.  Here, he introduced Don.Pastor Jeremy Gee, Don and Youth Pastor Jared CarterDon presented the check to Jared Carter, the youth pastor.  Everyone was thrilled about the Sunscape gift for their young people.  A mother of three young people asked that we thank everyone for her as now we have made it possible for her kids to go to camp.  Don assured them that we would be praying for the youth of Picacho Baptist Church and will be looking forward to hearing about what God is doing in their lives when we return in the fall.Don making the presentation of the check from Sunscape Christian Fellowship Upon our return to Sunscape, we drove by Jack and Maggie Mitchell's to see their Argentine Giant Cactus.  Their's is very young, but the bloom is very gorgeous.Argentine Giant Cactus at Jack and Maggie Mitchell'sArgentine Giant Cactus at Jack and Maggie Mitchell'sCalifornia Barrel Cactus.  More pictures from the internet--->> California Barrel CactusCalifornia Barrel CactusI can't get enough of these yellow purple cactus roses.purple prickly pear purple prickly pear The Beaver Tail Cactus finally has a rose to open.  Can't wait for the rest to open.Beaver Tail Toma cuts open the fruit of a barrel cactus revealing hundreds, maybe thousands of tiny black seeds.barrel cactus fruitWe all had to sample, except Snookie, of course.  She's too picky.  Toma serves, Billee tastes.  To me it tasted like a mild green plum.Toma and Billee Kathy said the seeds tasted like poppy seeds to her. Not much taste really, just crunchy texture.  Kathy tries it, too.Snookie came with Don and Bill Walwrath, and Lyle and Kathy Weyers to show them the Sunscape Cactus Garden.


logo Well, our OU girls played hard and had a great first half, leading U of Louisville by 14 points at half time, but lost the game by two heartbreaking points causing them to miss getting to play in the national championship game.  Bummer.

On a happier note, we had Linda and Virgil drop by for a visit this afternoon.  They are going up to Tortilla Flats next week and have invited us to come see them there.  Our plan is to go next Friday afternoon.  Mike and Madelyn Moore are going, also, with them.  We're looking forward to spending the afternoon with them.  We followed Virg and Linda outside and met Carol and Don Tomes, Virgil and Linda, and Walter and Leona Mahoney, our across the street neighbors.Carol and Don Tomes, Virgil and Linda, Don, Roger and Leona MahoneyWalter and Leona will be leaving for Iowa in the morning.  Walter sings in the choir and has a beautiful bass voice.Walter and Leona Mahoney leave tomorrow to go home to Iowa  We took a stroll and said our good-byes to Eileen and Walter Weins, who are leaving this week heading homeEileen and Walter Weins will be leaving Wednesday headed home to BC Canada to British Columbia, Canada.  Eileen plays the piano for choir and Walter leads the worship music.  We are praying with them and others for their friend, Lynn, who is being treated for pancreatic cancer.  We only got to meet Lynn briefly and hear her sing with Walter before she had to go home to continue chemotherapy.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to serve and encourage all of these wonderful people here at Sunscape RV Resort.

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