Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny Girl

april desktop2Talked to my five year old grand-daughter today.  Emma told me, "I killed a roly-poly today."

"You killed a roly-poly??? Roly-polies are nice little bugs. They won't hurt you."

Emma:  "Kind of like lady bugs?"

Me: "Yeah, like lady bugs.  They're good bugs.  If you see one in the house, just pick it up and take it out side and let it go, but don't kill it."

Emma, exasperated:  "C'mon now, I only killed one."

I wish you could have heard her... it was hilarious.  To give you a little perspective, the little person I was talking to is the one second from the right in the pink t-shirt. That's Emma. IMG_4190 From left: Lydia, Blaine, Harmon & Mason (twin friends), Emma, Camden.

We are so blessed.

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