Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my brother


I sure do love you. 

(Isn't he handsome?!  You know when his wife, Carolyn, looks at him like this, he must be a wonderful man.) Carolyn and Jon

Jon surrendered to God's call on his life when he was still in his teens.  He attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has served the Lord as a pastor and missionary in Africa, France, Belgium, Spain, and Japan. They have also served as the pastor in several churches in the States.

Presently, Jon is serving with Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples as their Asian Field Administrator, just recently returning from a short trip to Burma.

"Back in the Battle Bibles" is a ministry Jon started a few years ago which consists of collecting Bibles from all over the U.S. and shipping them to countries that need Bibles. The thought being that many people have Bibles laying around their homes that are not being used and this ministry allows those unused Bibles to "get back in the battle."  Thousands of Bibles have been shipped to many appreciative Christians in "forgotten" areas of the world.  (Of course, I have his contact information. Just let me know if you have Bibles you would like to see "back in the battle.")

Favorite brother of mine, you have been a blessing to me and to many around the world.  Don and I pray you have a wonderful day and many more.

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