Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday at the Arboretum

Our day started with breakfast at Tags Cafe in Coolidge, AZ, about ten miles from here.  Here's a picture that was hanging in the cafe... it's for sale. 100_3272

When we finished with breakfast, Don decided he wasn't ready to go "home" so he turned east, southeast towards the mountains.  We passed through Florence and marveled at how many maximum security prison units are there.  Did you know that Arizona leases prison space to other states.  Alaska even has prisoners here.

I digress.  We were riding along enjoying the scenery when we passed a sign that read, "Boyce Thompson Arboretum."  Well, you know me and flowers, trees and plants.  Don enjoys them as well, so we turned into the arboretum area.  Lots of folks had the same idea.  They were even having an art fair today.

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera was gone just before we reached the tree that was getting so much attention. Hanging in said tree was a tiny hummingbird nest which was inhabited by two tiny "chicks" and the mother hummingbird was perched on the edge feeding her babies like crazy. As Don so eloquently put it, "I've been to three goat "ropin's" and two state fairs and I've never seen anything like this." So I must document the activity with words so I will never forget it.

I took lots of pictures and I hope you enjoy these few.

Aloe100_3279 100_3281 100_3301 100_3302 100_3315 perspective A Common Olive Tree loaded with little black olives.common olive tree with olivesThere were several varieties of Rock Roses.  This is a very interesting shrub that I did not know existed.  We need a few of these in our cactus garden. This is the Pansy Rock Rose.orchid rock roseRock Roses.rock roses Varieties of Aloe.100_3340Another rose I've never seen and I can't remember the name, but they are tiny, maybe an inch across and grow in clusters.  Really showy as they grow on a vine and run up rock walls and fences.  Made me want to be a Wedding Designer.wild yellow rosesWhat fascinates me about these Saguaro is old they are.  When you see a Saguaro this size, you know it's been around for many years.100_3371Don on the wooden suspension bridge across the Queen Creek.100_3381 The pomegranate trees or bushes were beautiful.pomegrante bloomLet's just face it... few things in a dead state are as appealing to the eye as a dead tree.  Uh-oh, my mind's wheels are turning.  That's a true statement and there must be a reason.  Maybe it's because the Cross my Savior died on was made from a dead tree... the ultimate sacrifice was made for me on a dead tree.  My passion for the dead tree is even greater now.  See, the dead cactus just doesn't have the eye appeal of a dead tree.dead cactus; not as pretty as a dead tree This was a nice incline, one of several in the Arboretum.100_3387Don's very grateful for the park bench.Don's taking a break Remember the suspension bridge Don was on a few pictures back?  Can you see it in the distance in this picture?  No?  Me either, but it's back there somewhere behind the rock somewhere.suspension bridge way in the distance My favorite, the yellow rose of the desert.  Reminds me of growing up in Texas. (There's a bee hiding in there.)100_3402Claret Cup Hedgehogs100_3407I could never find an identifying label for this bush.  They were all loaded with these blooms.100_3412 Now you know what Don's goal was.  He saw there was a "lake" on the park map and he was on a mission.100_3415 And we made it!! And then my battery was gone.the Boyce Thompson lake We finished our outing at the Superior Texas Stop Sign (Dairy Queen).  A perfect ending to a beautiful day out together. 

We are so blessed.

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Wendy and Rick Fury said...

We went there when we were in AZ but it was not as pretty as your pictures. It was not in full bloom when we were there. Love you pics. You are so good at taking them.