Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Summertime in the Desert

Six ladies and I met for the last Ladies Bible Study of the season.  We didn't finish our study of The Names of God, so we will resume in the Fall.  Linnea brought me a beautiful, fragrant yellow rose from her rose bush.  Thank you, Linnea, you are such a sweetie.100_3779Look what Don found nesting under the slide-out on the Quantum.100_3782This is not good.  We will be leaving in a week.100_3783

The temp reached near 99 today so Don and I made our way to the pool.  Put your shades on, Snookie!we need a little sun... only got a week to get it  It was nice and oh so relaxing.100_3788


This cactus belongs to our neighbor next door.  They've been gone almost a month and missed seeing this trichocereus blooming.  100_3790Tonight, we took a spin around the park looking for night-bloomers... Argentine Giants and trichocereus.  We ended up over at Jim and Toma's for a few minutes just hanging out and chatting.  

We are so blessed.


Snookie said...

Its a good thing you gave me warning LaVon! I could have been blinded for life with all that WHITE skin showing! Don, that is quite a farmer's tan you have going on there my friend. You need to spend more time in the pool. Of course today you probably look like a lobster because I can't imagine that it took you too long to burn!

P.S. LaVon, feel free to "steal" the Delurking post. After all, I did!

LaVon Baker said...

Amazingly, neither one of us burned. Don never burns, but I do. But I didn't!! We'll go back to the pool again today.

Claudia said...

Ok, I'm going to try this again. As always I loved your post and images. You and Don look great. Don looks so much better than the last Sunday service we attended before leaving for home in March. Praise the Lord!!! I look forward to your images on your trip home and images of your beloved OK.