Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday blessings

George and Nancy came over, after Nancy got in a game of ping pong, to say their goodbyes, but that wasn't good enough for me... I had to have pictures so I followed them to their site a few minutes after they left us.George & Nancy all hooked up and ready to rollNancy is ready to go.Nancy is ready to go!George is ready to go.George is ready to go!I hugged Nancy's neck one more time and she said to me as they pulled away, "Take care of Don."  I promise.bye NancyOnly back at the Quantum for a few minutes and I heard Allan start up their coach two doors away, so I grabbed my camera again and headed out the door.  Jim is telling Linda and Allan so long until the fall.Jim says goodbye to Linda and AllanLinda is really good at guiding Allan as he pulls out of the site. Finally, I get back to getting our laundry ready to wash while Don makes tuna salad for sandwiches. I had to take a picture of these beautiful flowers on the way to the laundry pretty, next door to Jim and ThelmaAfter lunch, Thelma and I rode our bikes for about 12 miles and look who we saw out walking only ten days after his triple bypass!  Mr. Dan Webber!  He's doing really good... Praise the Lord.Well look who's walking around!  It's Dan Webber 10 days after triple bypass surgeryAfter a delicious dinner of grilled pork butterfly steaks with grilled fresh pineapple rings, Don and I went over to visit with Jim and Thelma and play a game of Sequence.  First time for us to play that game.  Girls 5- Guys 3. :-)  Here's the sunset tonight.sunsetThis visitor was waiting on Jim and Thelma's screen door when we left.a moth on Thelma's screen door

Lots of prayer requests that we can't list, so just lift up to our LORD all the things that are on Don and LaVon's heart.  Praise Him with us for answered prayers.

One praise I can tell you about:  Jim Taylor went back to the doctor today to finalize surgery plans on the 13th and the doctor said the lump has shrunk so much that they canceled surgery!!  Yeah God!!

God is so good.... all the time.

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Wendy and Rick Fury said...

We were at Josh's church last Sunday and their pastor said "God is good -- all the time". That made me smile and thinking of you guys. They have found a great church. Praise God. Love you guys.