Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday blessings and Tortilla Flats SP

After choir practice, Don and I headed out for Tortilla Flats to spend the afternoon with friends from the park here who are spending a few days up there.  Along Highway 60, here's a view of Superstition Mountain.  Today is a little cooler than yesterday with a cloud cover, but no rain.Superstition MountainAfter we got on the Apache Trail, this was another view of part of Superstition Mountain.Superstition MtView from the very winding Apache Trail.  There's all this green stuff on the rocks that looks like it started out being some kind of moss, but the Arizona sun has baked it right into the rock.A view, through the windshield, of Canyon Lake from the Apache Trail highway.  Water.  Don is happy.  Canyon Lake through the truck windshield from Apache TrailWe reminisced about the last time we were at this lake with Jack and Cathy Montgomery and the wonderful time we had. (Check out their blog and the wonderful pictures they took in Florida.)The first of two one-lane bridges.first one lane bridge on Apache TrailThe second one-lane bridge.second one lane bridge on Apache Trail; we had to waitWe arrived at the Tortilla Flats State Park where our friends were parked.  Don and Madelyn are looking at something.  Mike is looking at the camera.Don, Madelyn and Mike Moore at Tortilla Flats SPIt wasn't long before I spotted a blooming Staghorn Cholla.Staghorn ChollaA view from their campsite.from The Palos Verde trees here are all in full bloom and I finally got a good picture.Palo Verde blossomsThe Palos Verde tree/bush.Palo Verde in bloomThe gang: Madelyn, Mike, Linda, Virg, Alex and Pat.  See next picture.the gang: Don, Madelyn, Mike, Linda, Virgil, Alex, Pat (almost)Pat, in the door way of their little camper.  The man they bought it from said it originally was owned by Gabby Hayes. I'm researching that for Pat. Pat in her How many RV'ers does it take to roll in the awning?taking down the awning just in time; it got windyAfter enjoying a wonderful meal of grilled burgers, shrimp pasta salad and carrot cake, we visited for a while longer and then the wind started picking up.  On the way home, Don stopped at a pull-out so I could take some pictures of the view.  It was still pretty even though it was cloudy and getting late.on the way out we stopped at a lookout view pointWe sure enjoyed our afternoon with friends and the serenity of the countryside.    

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