Friday, December 10, 2010

Visiting and being visited

Choir director, Jane Strating, came to visit us this afternoon.  Her “story” is so interesting, I’m wondering if I should be recording.  Yes, this 80 year old dynamo rode her bike across the park to visit with us.100_4942

After, Jane left, we drove over to check on Marlys.  Her husband passed away earlier this morning.  She was in excellent spirits, but she will be dealing with the adjustment of separation after being married over 70 years to her beloved husband.  She also had wonderful stories to tell us.  While we were there, another friend, Taima, also a widow, from Estonia, came to visit Marlys.  It’s just wonderful how these folks look after and care for each other.  We prayed with Marlys and hugged her, again, and left the two of them sitting on her front porch talking.  So cute.

This is our neighbor.100_4950

A typical RGV sunset… totally cloudless and red.100_4956

Hundreds of thousands of birds roost every evening on the power lines along the streets in McAllen.  And they are not silent.  We’re thankful these birds don’t roost in our park.100_4964

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