Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Celebrations

I know you won’t believe it (that I was up that early), but this is a picture of the eastern horizon just before dawn this morning. Really not all that early… 7:00ish is when the sun comes up here.dawn Sunday morning in the RGV

Our choir director, Jane, is 80 but there is no moss growing under her feet.choir director Jane Stating and her quiet jacketI love her “cheap” Christmas jacket!  She said she saw it years ago on the rack for $179 and she said “No way!”  She went back to the store after Christmas and it was $25…. bought it!!100_5090

Sisters Lyla and Carol and a friend, Shirley, sang “O Holy Night” this morning in church.  It was just beautiful.  From where I was sitting in the choir, I couldn’t get a good picture of Shirley.100_5091

The message this morning was “The True Meaning of Christmas” and it was so good.

After church, we went to Irma’s Sweet Shoppe with Lyla and Monte for brunch.  What a quaint little store.  When your order is ready they yell out your number and you yell back or raise your hand with your order ticket number.  Then a waitress or waiter walks out and yells, “Coffee!  Who needs coffee?”


This is Marie.  She’s not asleep, just closed her eyes when I snapped.  Marie is 93 today!!!  She’s here with her daughter, Jan, and son-in-law, Warren.  We all sang “Happy Birthday” to her and then….Marie is 93 today!!

twp waitresses came over and instructed the whole place to sing “Happy Birthday” to Marie and they brought her pastries made in the shoppe.  After that, everyone that walked by as they were leaving stopped and loved on Marie and wished her happy birthday again.  Even Irma the owner came out, but I didn’t get a picture of her.Happy Birthday to Marie..

Lyla and Monte.  They are such an encouragement to us.  This morning, before church service, Monte prayed with Don and told him he would make this a regular habit each Sunday morning.  Thank you, Monte!100_5098

Roger and Warren (laughing).Roger, Warren Martin

This afternoon, we rested and watched football.  Jane came by for a few minutes to visit.  I love how comfortable she feels with us to just drop by and chat.  Love this spunky little lady.  We laughed when she told us about how hard hearing her Gerald is… when she pillow talks to him, they can hear her six doors down!  She’s such a hoot.

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Joel and Linda said...

Your choir director is quite the lady.