Friday, December 17, 2010

TGIF… it’s really just another day… we will rejoice and be glad in it!!

We had Dennis and Sally over for dinner and cards last night and Dennis gave me this:100_5074100_5076

Just for that, the Girls were the champs for the evening!!

This morning, we went to Bible study.  The room was full, praise the Lord!  Connie does an excellent job.100_5064

Got a text from Wendy Fury and it made Don start craving Pizza Hut pizza.  We found this one in a strip mall.  First time we’ve been in a Pizza Hut like this.100_5066

We had to give our order at the walk-up counter and then the waiter delivered to our table.100_5067

The dining area was rather narrow, so mirrors were placed on both walls to give the appearance of a larger room.  I love watching myself and others eating pizza.  Not!100_5068100_5069100_5070

Carolyn Glass came by for a nice visit this afternoon. We sure love this lady.

Yours truly made sausage and scrambled egg burritos for dinner.  Not bad.  Well, Don enjoyed it anyway and that’s what matters.

Praying for friends who are traveling in less than perfect conditions.  May God bring you safely to your destinations.

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Joel and Linda said...

I really like the present Dennis gave you, I will have to remember that...