Friday, December 31, 2010

Angels in glory are rejoicing

And so are we.

Because of the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus, a gentleman in the last stages of cancer that Don visited with this morning, will be home with Jesus soon.

Last night, his wife knocked on our door and said that her husband told her he wanted to see the preacher.  Don offered to go over to their home last night, but she insisted that today would be fine.  Dennis and Sally were here visiting (they brought dinner over!), so we prayed immediately that the gentleman would be okay until today and that he would be open to the Good News.  He was.

We are thrilled to share this good news with our ministry partners.  If you have ever prayed for us encouraged us or gave, you are a part of this joyous day.  Thank you.

And thank you for praying for Keith and Carol.

Also, thank you for continuing to pray for us.  Don would have went to see Keith last night, even though he was having chest pains.  I’m thankful that Carol would not allow Don to go, even though she had no clue that Don wasn’t feeling good.  Neither did I until after everyone had left.  This morning, he got up rested and feeling good again. 

God’s timing is perfect.

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