Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tropic Tuesday

Dave Sauter stopped by this morning to show us the basswood he had just gotten out of his utility trailer, which he brought full of basswood from home (Wisconsin).  Basswood is used in the woodshop for carving.  I know.  You’re asking where is the wood?  It’s behind the door.Dave Sauter came by to show us the bass wood from his home place

On our way over to visit Pat, a lady who has injured her back, we walked past the veggie man and his mobile veggie stand.  Just like clock-work, he’s here every Tuesday morning.the veggie man is here!

This afternoon, I had Chorus practice.  Nancy makes it so fun!  I’m convinced that organized singing should be prescribed for anyone who is depressed.  I’m not depressed, but just not really at my best, but after Chorus practice, I feel so much better.  Maybe it’s not just the singing, but maybe it’s partly the director… I’m sure that’s it.  Nancy is the best!

I was very upset that I missed the eclipse of the moon last night… forgot about it, then I learned from a friend here that she went out in her nightgown to see the eclipse and it was too cloudy to see it.  I regret it for her, but I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

Temperature is in the mid 80’s today with a very tropical breeze…. four days until Christmas.  Jingle bells, jingle bells?

Speaking of jingle bells, here’s what our granddaughter, Emma did at school today…Emma at school 12-21-2010Rudolph sure has a cute helper!!! 

Have you ever received a Christmas card from a park you stayed in sometime during that year?  We received our first from Angel Camp RV Park in Powderly, Texas.  Impressive outreach, IMO, thanking us for staying with them.100_5133

Also in today’s mail were hand-drawn Christmas cards and precious letters from our kids at the Children’s Haven in Reynosa, Madely and Ricardo.  They aren’t siblings, but aren’t they sweet looking.  What a blessing to be a part of helping these children grow up to know Jesus and be positive contributors to their world.Madely and Ricardo - our kids at TGod bless you, Madely and Ricardo. 

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Joel and Linda said...

Not nice at all LaVon, we are chilly here in Mississippi!!!