Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrating the birth of our Savior…

The Candlelight Christmas Eve service here at the park was wonderful and highly attended by residents of the park.

After the service, a group picture of the choir.  Come on, guys, face forward… let’s get it together.100_5240

Ready?  Say, “Merry Christmas!!”100_5241

Afterward, we were invited to the Olive Garden for dinner. 100_5246 100_5247 Gene and Hattie.Gene and Hattie McDaniel

Terri and Ed. (He’s really not that solemn, but he doesn’t think he takes good pictures, so he doesn’t smile.  I’ll get a good candid shot of him before April 24, 2011.) Terri and Ed

Gene was cold, so we all gave him our napkins to cover up with.  Ed’s fingers… I told you Ed’s not a solemn person. Gene was cold so we covered him up with napkins

Arvid and Cindy.Arvid & Cindy Schouten

Wayne and JoAnn. Wayne and JoAnn Nesbit

And the icing on the cake:  Want to see a doll?  a cutie pie? a Christmas angel extraordinaire?  Emma angel 2010Our very on angel granddaughter, Emma aka Pook.  Just doesn’t get any better than this.  Well, if we had been there to see her perform… that would have been better, but will settle for the picture and be thrilled.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!