Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Flash! News Flash!! News Flash!!!

This deserves a post all to itself!

Ok, where do I start?

Daughter, Leslie, has been working so hard lately, to get her photography business off the ground and running.  She’s done several family shoots and absolutely loves it and does a great job.

Tonight, she got a call from a friend she and Khalil met while living in Round Rock.  Zach Lambert of Zach Lambert Photography.  Zach has been awarded the privilege of being the onset photographer of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that will begin next Monday in Austin!  That’s awesome and we are thrilled for Leslie’s friend. 

But there is a hitch.  Zach’s wife, April, has just returned to her teaching job after her maternity leave and cannot take off to be Zach’s assistant and second at this EHM project, so he thought of Leslie and called her to ask if she would be his assistant. 

NOW, this awesome and exciting situation just got even more exciting and awesome and HUGE. 

We are all singing the Hallelujah chorus and shouting praises to God for this opportunity for Leslie.  She could not afford to pay for the amount of exposure this will bring to her business; not to mention what a valuable experience this will be to her.

She has two days, maybe, to get all the paper work completed and back to Zach, but that won’t be a problem for my girl.

I wish I had a recording of her on the phone when she told me the great news.  Her voice was shaking; she was crying; she was yelling; she was laughing.  I will never forget it.


Michelle Riggs said...

What an incredible opportunity! What a fun way to learn and grow her business.

Recipe Contributors said...

Please tell Leslie that I'm so happy for her! What a great thing to happen for her! Oh , she gets to meet TY PENNINGTON!

Joel and Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Leslie!!! Great to get an opportunity like that!!

Norm and Lori said...

Please pass along our Congratulations to Leslie. How exciting and what a great experience this will be for her.