Saturday, December 4, 2010

A football kind of day

Not sure if it’s because it’s Saturday or what, but I slept later this morning.  Was wonderful.

When I got up, we walked around the park checking out the few “end of driveway sales” that were still out and visiting with folks out and about.

Shadraq, the parrot, wasn’t very friendly, but he wasn’t aggressive either.  We were told that he talks, a lot.  Even says “Praise the Lord!” and “Hallelujah!”  If I was his neighbor, I’d teach him to say, “Preach it, Brother!”Shadraq speaks but wouldn't talk to me

Can you believe that he stays right by his cage and doesn’t fly away?Shadraq

The bougainvillea are so beautiful.  This one is pink and orange.bougainvillea

We ate here for lunch.pretty good, but it's not Rudys 100_4882

The pulled pork sandwich was pretty good, but it wasn’t Rudy’s.100_4883

What do you mean, watch your step???? 100_4884

The rest of the day was spent watching the Oregon Duck beat Oregon State Beavers, Auburn beat South Carolina (I think) and Oklahoma beat Nebraska.  The OU-NU game was the last one and it was U.G.L.Y., in my opinion.

Church tomorrow.  See you there!!!

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Joel and Linda said...

I think we've eaten at a Rudy's up around Canyon Lake or San Antonio??