Friday, December 3, 2010

Our pace of life is picking up

Side note:  Remember my newly revealed fascination with light fixtures?  This is a small lamp, about twelve inches, in the Q that we purchased for our first 5th wheel, the Savannah.  Low watts gives a room a warm and cozy ambiance and makes the Q feel more like a home.  It sits on the the table beside my chair.  I like it.100_4864

Bible study started this morning, facilitated by Connie H. We are using Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven by Dr. David Jeremiah as a guide for this study.Connie Harmon, Bible study facilitator

This is Caroline Becker (sp) who I will tell you more about later.Caroline Becker, born in what is now Yugoslavia, spent much of her late teens and twentys in concentration camps

We were thrilled at the attendance this morning.100_4872

And we met folks we haven’t met yet.  More people came in after I took these pictures.100_4873

After, Bible study, we walked with Caroline to her home to visit with her.  She will be having a couple of skin cancers removed from her face on the 8th, so we wanted to visit with her and pray with her.  We had met her the first week and she had invited us to her home and we promised we would.  This sweet, Christian lady speaks with a heavy German accent and told us just a little of her life as a young woman in concentration camps in Serbia, and other places that I can’t remember.  She was born in what is now Yugoslavia which was under the rule of Slavia, Serbia, Romania, etc., at different times in her life.  Her family was a victim of governments that took everything away from the educated and ambitious as a means of control.  When she and her husband made it to the United States, they did not have one dollar.  But they worked hard and built a good life for themselves and their family. 

Caroline has written a book that she is going to let us read as soon as she gets it back from the last person she loaned it to.  I’m sure my respect for her will increase even more.  What an inspiration she is and she really appreciated our visit.100_4874

Happy Birthday, Dennis!Birthday Boy

We enjoyed our evening with Dennis and Sally celebrating his birthday.

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Joel and Linda said...

The light looks nice!! Sounds like everything is going well down there...