Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s so crowded here. NOT.

If you come to see us, we’ll try to squeeze you in somewhere. 100_4854 Maybe in one of the seven or eight sites next to us.  But don’t let the crowded park stop you from coming.100_4855 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the park.  This is the tree in the office.100_4856

Don and I had our picture taken for the resort directory this morning.Jeremy, our photographer

This is Jeremy, our photographer from Created Images and More, thought it was funny that I wanted to take a picture of the person taking our picture. Jeremy, our photographer

Connie took our order.  Connie, from Oklahoma, an avid Sooner fan.  When we told her that LaNae played basketball for OU, she called her dad and they are going to go through all their old ‘92-‘96 Sooner Illustrated magazines for any articles of her and the team.  I was on the phone with LaNae while all this was taking place.  Connie was a hoot!  And of course, I loved telling her about my daughter.  I’m normal like that.Connie, Sooner fan (I'm on the phone with LaNae)

Regarding our picture, it’s really good of Don, but I look like a snowman…. very white. (and round)  Maybe it’s my hair color that makes me look so washed out.  I hope they add a little “color” to the final product!

Well, Carolyn and I didn’t make it to Penney’s today.  She received a phone call from her daughter-in-law in Atlanta with some very disturbing news… Carolyn’s son was in the attic nailing up mesh wire to keep out the squirrels when he stumbled, fell and the nail gun went off, shooting a nail through his chest, piercing his heart.  He was alone at home at the time, but PTL, had his cell phone and was able to call 9~1~1.  Emergency surgery was performed at the trauma center last night and he is still in critical condition.  Carolyn will be flying to Atlanta in the morning.  Please pray for her and her son and family.  Carolyn just lost her husband in August and this latest trauma really has her upset.  I prayed with her over the phone and then went by and spent about an hour with her after choir practice.  Her faith is strong, but her emotions are fragile as she is still going through the grieving process. 

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most amazing thing.

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