Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday happenings…

Today is Craft Fair Day, so we headed up to the Main Hall.  We are recognizing more friends now and it’s fun to get out and “meet and greet” new friends.  Here’s Jeanelle and Nancy greeting Don.Jeannelle Barry, Nancy Beilke and Don

Earlier in the week, Don had read about an International Festival at a local Greek Orthodox Church, so we found it and walked around.100_4967 100_4968 100_4969

There were several countries represented by dress….100_4970100_4972    … and food.100_4971

We purchased a couple of skewers of beef, onion, and peppers, a couple of fajita tortillas and brought them home to enjoy for lunch.

Downtown Pharr has decorated for Christmas.100_4974 100_4977

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