Sunday, December 26, 2010

Busy Sunday

Worship was so good this morning starting with the music, the sermon about Love, the Lord’s Supper. First John speaks of God being :ove and if we have Christ in us and belong to Him, then we have love in us and we love others.  I realized that if I find myself lacking love for anyone, I need to check my level of “Christ in me.”  It’s all related.  Without Christ, we cannot love.  We call it love, but it’s not if God isn’t in it, for God Is Love.  I said to Don, “So the plaque in the Q that reads ‘All because two people fell in love’ would be more accurate if it read ‘All because God brought two people together.’  For it’s His love that brought us together and it’s His love that holds us together.  If our relationship seems less than lovable, then our relationship with God probably needs some immediate attention.

At 1:30 PM we gathered again to ‘rehearse’ the music for Janet Graham’s Memorial/Celebration of Life service. These wonderful, caring ladies volunteered to play the piano and sing for the service.  Jean is playing the piano and Nancy, Carol and Lyla did a beautiful job singing “In the Garden” and “His Eye is On the Sparrow.” Jean, Nancy, Carol and Lyla practicing for Janet Graham's memorial service

Don’s memorial message was so good, comforting to the family yet challenging to all in attendance.  Bill and the family were pleased. 

I want to brag on my husband so much, but I’m not sure how appropriate that would be.

At the close of the service, everyone stood and sang “How Great Thou Art.”  How appropriate that there is a wall hanging in the main hall with those words. Nancy Beilke, Carol, Lyla Behrens

Janet Graham, is survived by husband, Bill, 90, one son and two daughters, and several children and great-grandchildren.  Daughter JoAnn lives here at the park, also.  Janet was a beautiful lady in the flesh and we learned from friends and family that she was a beautiful lady in spirit and a wonderful reflection of the love of Christ.Bill and Janet Graham

Afterward, Don and I went to Chili’s for our meal for the day.  Don never eats before he preaches.  By 4:30 pm we were back at the Q and resting.

It was a good day.

Nancy Beilke, Carol, Lyla Behrens

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"In the Garden" that's my favorite!