Monday, December 13, 2010

M.M.M. … then Renee’s….Monday..….the….Main….Hall….every…. Monday….morning.  Do you hear my excitement?  No?

I jest, however, because the MMM does have it’s redeeming qualities: we get to see a lot of people and some are quite entertaining.  Marilyn has more energy than the law allows.000_0007

There’s Carolyn (in the black with white stripes), fresh back from Atlanta where she was visiting her son in the hospital after he accidently shot himself in the heart with a two inch nail from a nail gun.  She reported that he is home now and healing and she thanked everyone for their prayers saying that, “it is a miracle that Bill is alive.”  Praise the Lord.100_4981

We love that we all stand together and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the U.S. National Anthem and the Canadian Anthem. Clarence Weber and Nancy Beilke lead.Pledge of Allegiance at the MMM led by Clarence Weber and Nancy BeilkeAt the close of the meeting, we all (probably 200 plus people) stand and hold hands and sing “God Bless America.”  It’s good.

A random picture taken at a park model down the street from us. I need to take a picture at night when the lights are on.100_4984

Park manager, Donna Hall, and I went to lunch today at:100_5002

We both thoroughly enjoyed the stuffed avocado, fruit and raspberry tea.stuffed avocado with chicken salad at Renee's in Sharyland

Decorations were mildly elaborate and….100_4987

available for purchase.  These reindeer are $59/each. 100_4988

Donna got cozy with one fuzzy, dancing reindeer.Donna 100_4990









 Donna Hall









Grapefruit pie was on the menu for today, so we decided to try it.  Have you ever eaten grapefruit pie?  This one was sections of fresh grapefruit in Jello of a mysterious flavor in a pie crust decorated with whipped topping.  Originally, it was staged on the plate nicely – use your imagination.  We shared it and I forgot to take a picture before we dug in.  It was interesting enough in taste that we ate the whole thing, but at $6.44 a slice, we probably won’t order it again.a first: grapefruit pie @ $6.44/slice

A parting view of the eclectic dining area.Renee's

We took a tour of the gift shoppe area.Renee's gift shop

I love Nativity scenes.  And I really like the stencil work on the wall behind the Nativity figures.100_4996 100_4997100_5000

They had quite an elaborate selection of crosses.100_4998

The Boutique and Brighton Shoppe were stuffed full of the clothing, purses and jewelry.  On the 50% off sale rack, we found a blouse for $82.00.  Wow, what a bargain! (wink, wink)


Thanks, Donna, for a delightful time of fellowship and laughter.

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Joel and Linda said...

The picture of the pie sounds like afterthought.
Was the lady in the poodle skirt really singing?