Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December!

…. You sure got here in a hurry!

Pizza Hut/WingStop is a much improved pizza joint, in my opinion, from times past.lunch

Before I thought about my camera, we were finished. what can I say?.... it was good.

But since I had my camera in hand now, I decided to capture my fascination with light and light fixtures.100_4845 100_4846 100_4847  I know, I’m weird.  But you have learned something else about me.  No, I know you knew I was weird, but you didn’t know about my fascination with light fixtures.

H-E-B responded to to my “thank you” note to them with a very nice email, stating that they had heard from many people voicing their desire to see “Merry Christmas” in their commercials and ads.100_4848

There really isn’t a lot in Pharr, MacAllen, Alamo, San Juan, Weslaco, etc…. that is photo worthy, from the street.  Christmas decorations are up on the street, though.  As you look at these pictures, notice the traffic.100_4853

You really have to drive defensively here.100_4850

And stay very alert.100_4851

We had a guest this afternoon.  Fred Campbell, church board chairman from Texas Trails RV Resort.  Fred really should write a book, an autobiography.  What an interesting life he has led.  We thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

Tomorrow:  have picture made for park directory and go to Penney’s with Carolyn.

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