Saturday, December 25, 2010

It was a feast.

Well over three hundred residents and guests enjoy a Christmas feast today in the main hall.

Don got it started off with the blessing.  Here he is relinquishing the microphone.100_5269


Our table.100_5271

Our feast table.100_5258


  Jeanelle, Myrna, and Ralph.Jeanelle and Ralph Barry; Myrna Martin

Our driver last night when we went to dinner, Myrna and Glen.  I missed getting their picture, so “captured” them today.  Delightful Canadian couple.Mryna and Glen Martin

Floy and Gary. Floy and Gary Kilgore

Our table hostess, Lucille and Arthur.Our table hostess, Louis and Arthur Baumgardner

Ruth. Classy lady in red.Ruth...  a classy lady in red

A table decoration.100_5265

I have entertained myself this afternoon with a little cropping and special effects.  The results.Mryna and Glen Martin




I had a very special treat this afternoon… I saw and talked to my Mama on Skype!  We had talked early this morning on the phone when she was so excited about the snow she was watching fall on Christmas morning, but it was wonderful to see her.  Using my brother’s computer, she got to talk to several of her relatives on Skype.

Our new friend, Nancy, came over this afternoon and we had just the best visit.  She had missed seeing us at the feast, so she came over to wish us “Merry Christmas” and visit for a while.  We just love her.

Bill Graham and his daughter, JoAnn Booth, came over earlier in the afternoon to get the details of their wife/mother’s memorial/Celebration of Life service all in order.  That service will be tomorrow at 2:00 PM in the main hall.

We truly hope you had as blessed a Christmas as we had.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jesus was gifted with the heart of every person in the world?  I did my part.

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