Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remembering Coach Landry

We took a drive over to Mission today.  Across the street from this address is …. 100_5020

A mural on the side of a downtown building depicting the life of Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry.100_5021

Tom Landry was born and went to school in Mission, Texas.  Played high school football, also.100_5021-1 100_5022

I wasn’t satisfied with the pictures I was getting from across the street with the vehicles in the way.100_5023

So I crossed the street.  These views leave a lot to be desired also, but you get the gist.100_5037 100_5024


100_5026100_5036 100_5027 100_5028 100_5029 100_5030 100_5031 100_5032 100_5033 100_5034100_5035

1 comment:

Joel and Linda said...

Tom must be a home town HERO!!