Saturday, December 18, 2010

Breakfast with the girls.

We don’t live on their street, but I was invited to go out with the girls of Independence Trail this morning for breakfast at The Country Omelet. When Eileen picked me up, at 8:30!, there was already six ladies in her the Country Omlet

We had a good time.  L-R: Betty, Julie, and Eileen.100_5079

Time out for food.100_5080

Musa and Betty.100_5081

Across the table was Julie who had me believing she got married in 1934.  I started doing the math and decided…. no way.  You understand that math was involved so it took me a few minutes. Julie

Our driver, Eileen.100_5082

To my left, Kay.  Beyond her, Jane.Kay... love your hat

Next month we will eat at Irma’s Sweet Shoppe.  I was a good girl, so they said I was invited again. 

Not impressed with The Country Omelet, but the fellowship was delightful.

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