Thursday, December 23, 2010

CRM Christmas Dinner

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General Director Dennis and Sally Maloney. 100_5157

Salvador, our waiter.  I have a crush on him.our waiter, Salvador.  so cute. 100_5181

After the meal, I was in charge of ice-breaking and passing out the gifts.  Everyone brought one gift for a man and one gift for a lady… $10 limit.  The icebreaker I used was “Truth or Lie.”  I started it by stating that I was a car sales-person and I snorkeled, years ago, in Hawaii.  I picked Linda and she guess that I snorkeled.  You should have seen Don almost “bust a gut” trying to keep a straight face.  I can’t even swim!! But guess I’m a pretty good liar, because Linda didn’t guess the truth… I was a car sales-person, two different times in my life.  Preachers wife; good liar.  Hmmm. That may need some attention. (wink.wink) Now it was Linda’s turn to tell a truth and a lie about herself and pick someone and then she got to pick a gift.  You get the idea now how we got the gifts distributed.  It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

Next, six chaplains tag-team preached from Romans 2010 Dec 23 CRM Christmas party-110:12-17, each with only three minutes.  They all did great!





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