Wednesday, December 8, 2010

God bless Patrick and Jessica

We are still reeling from the excitement of Leslie being given the opportunity to take pictures of the “family” being awarded a new home on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.emhe_white

One of Leslie’s pictures has been posted on the EMHE page for this project.emhe heart of texas build

Check it out!!!  Leslie took this picture!!!

When she called me this morning, she said that she and Zach Lambert took over 100 pictures and gave them to EMHE on a CD.  Nineteen of those pictures are actually pictures that Leslie took and EMHE is using ELEVEN of her pictures in the new home.  They will appear as black and white portraits throughout the home.  We can’t wait until the show airs!!

Don’t miss reading the story about Patrick and Jessica.  Grab a tissue and read it now before continuing here.

Leslie said as they were taking pictures of the engagement ring that Patrick had given Jessica, Patrick said, “I remember that.”  Jessica replied, “So do I.”  Zach asked about that moment and Jessica said, never taking her eyes off Patrick, “It was when he took his first steps.”  The first time Patrick walked after he was shot, hospitalized and rehabbed…. his first steps were to Jessica to ask her to marry him and give her a ring.  Oh, my heart.