Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday and Intercessory Prayer Meeting

On his morning walk, Don got over to Judy and Bill's in time to pray with them before they pulled out.

At ten o'clock this morning, there were 13 people in the Quantum for our weekly intercessory prayer time.Tuesday morning intercessory prayer meeting The Holy Spirit was present and we had a wonderful, sweet time of prayer and fellowship.  We prayed for  gentleman in the park who was having a heart-regulating procedure done this morning. As we were praying, he was several miles away in the hospital hooked to IV's and about to be rolled into the procedure room when he asked, "Have you (the doctor's, etc.) checked my rhythm this morning?"  They said they hadn't and so they checked his heart rhythm, unhooked him from the IV and told him to get up on go home, "You heart is in perfect rhythm."  Isn't God good?!!!100_2903 When Don told Rosemarie that we were praying for Bruce at just the time he was at the hospital, she got very excited and gave God all the praise.  So do we, as we watch Bruce riding his bicycle around the park.

Don and I met Mitch and Kim at Mimi's for lunch and had a good time sharing with them all the things God is doing.  They will be at Quail Run until the end of this month and then it's off to Indiana for them after a few weeks of traveling.

When we got back to the Quantum, we set outside under the awning.  Don with the book he's reading right now, "What in the World is Going On?" by David Jeremiah and me with this laptop.  Before I knew it, the reading and the birds singing soon found Don sound asleep.  Toma was out in the cactus garden and summoned me to come over with my camera.  This is a Bishop's Cap.  It's not very big at all. 100_2904 The bloom on the right was yesterday's bloom and the one on the left just opened up today.100_2905 To put this plant in perspective with it's surroundings, here it is just below the big black rock.  The plant itself looks like a rock of sorts.Bishop's Cap in perspective This is a Grizzly Bear cactus all dressed up.Grizzly Bear cactus A close-up of the flower.Grizzly Bear cactus rose We just love our cactus garden.  It's so pretty.Sunscape RV Resort Cactus Garden The Beaver Tail cactus are really showing off.Beaver Tail cactus 100_2915 100_2917 As I walked back across the street, Mr. Gambrel was boldly calling for Mrs. Gambrel from the rooftop of a neighbor's park model.Mr. Gambrel looking for Mrs. Gambrel


Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

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