Saturday, March 28, 2009


Found a new flower!  "What is it?" you ask.  Or maybe you know. If so, will you please tell me. 100_3092 We found them lining the parking lot at Target.100_3093 100_3094 100_3096 On the way back to Sunscape, the alfalfa fields were finally being baled. alfalfa hay being baled As Thelma and I were riding bikes, palm trees were getting a "hair cut."  The tree on the left has already been trimmed and the tree on the right has a man up in the middle of the branches.100_3102 Now, he's visible.  They charge $30 a tree.  Doesn't that sound cheap to you?100_3104

Late Afternoon Cactus Garden Blooms

100_3107 100_3108 The shadows were too dark, so I used the flash and it made the claret cups look almost three-dimensional.100_3110We went over to Donna and Carl's tonight to tell them goodbye.  They are leaving for Kansas tomorrow after church, but we won't have a chance to talk to them.  They'll be back in December, so that makes saying goodbye easier for now.

For all the emails and comments, thanks!!  George and Nancy will be here Monday.  We can hardly wait!!

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