Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday is Here

Another glorious Sunday in church this morning.  We were happy to see Tim Pruit visit with us. He knew to come in late and sit in the back or Don would have had him on the stage introducing him.  The message was so powerful this morning that one gentleman said, "If I wasn't already saved, I'd have gotten saved this morning."

On the way to lunch with Pat and Slim Steele I got a good picture of this alfalfa field with fresh bales waiting to be loaded on a truck and transferred.  All of the many alfalfa fields are cut and baled or being baled. alfalfa hay bales Pat and Slim.  Wonderful people.Pat and Doral (Slim) Steele

logo Well, our Sooners are out of the NCAA tournament.... just in case you hadn't heard and are interested.  The OU Women are playing tonight.  Maybe they will do better.  

We got an invite to join Mitch, Kim, Jo and George for dinner at Mimi's.  Mitch and Kim are leaving in the morning.  Jo and George are leaving Wednesday.  So... we said our goodbyes.George is catching fliesWhat is Mitch up to?  Oh, well, he paid for dinner, so he deserves to be ornery and I'm sure George deserves whatever Mitch dishes out.    What is Mitch doing?  George went into Mimi's and got a hostess to come out and take our picture, just so I could be in the picture with the wind blowing my hair straight up.  It was a little windy. Mitch, Kim, George, Jo, LaVon, Don

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Mrs. Monty said...

Good to see you in a picture for a change!! Tell Don we are at Navarre Beach and it is nice. Will try to get some pictures for the blog. Take care.