Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday blessings

Yesterday, we drove over to Quail Run.  Visited with Bob Quinn for a few minutes.  Snookie was gone to get her hair cut and her nails done, so we missed seeing her.  About the most exciting thing that happened was stopping at the crossing for the train.100_2981 We have had a couple of "hitches" this week which can only be classified as "efforts of the enemy" to hinder God's work here, but it didn't work!  Because of something someone said, (we don't know who and don't want to know)Don and I had a few minutes of "let's hook up and roll on out of here."  But that didn't last long as we both realized that God is at work here in an awesome way and satan is trying to stop it.  We prayed, asked God to forgive us for our moments of weakness and got back on track trusting Him.

Today, Sunday, was our best Sunday since we've been here... if I were rating our Sundays.  Now, we understand fully what's was happening earlier. 

I think I mentioned earlier about the church here helping about 15 youth at a local church be able to go to church camp this summer.  (Read Don's Sunday's Coming for the report.)  We even had a gentleman stand up and tell the congregation, of 216 people, that he works every summer at a Christian camp and what a difference it makes in the kids' lives and how everyone should be a part of this opportunity to make a difference in these young people's lives .... there was seven of them sitting on the front row with their youth director.  It was such an encouraging word that Don and I were both in tears from appreciation.

The message God gave Don was "You Can Make a Difference."  Is that not perfect?!  The text was Matthew 28:18-20.  We could all hear God's heart and the kids were hanging on every word.

It was great and we all still praising God.15   Please pray for these young people as they go to camp and stay involved in their youth group at church.  God's has a plan for each one of them and we are praying that each one will fully realize that plan.  Like Don said, "One of them might be the next 'Billy Graham.'"

Tonight was the Annual Gospel Singing hosted by Linnea Bolm (our choir director) and Tex & Mary.  Don opened and closed the evening with prayer.  The house was full and the music was glorious.

George and Elaine arrived early.     George GilmoreMary, Linnea and Thelma preparing for the concert.  Well, Mary and Linnea are preparing, Thelma's just being cute.Mary, Linnea, Thelma Part of the crowd.Annual Gospel Night partial crowd I handed my camera over to Cheryl (in blue and white and jacket) to take pictures for me as I was on stage in the choir.  Thanks Cheryl!Annual Gospel Night partial crowd The Sunscape Choir. (I'm on the back row out of sight.)100_2991Thelma.Thelma Taylor There's many more pictures, but I won't post them all. 

What a Super Sunday it's been!  We're so blessed.

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