Saturday, March 21, 2009

Potluck, cactus roses and dominoes

After choir practice, which I forgot about and was a half hour late, we went over to Kitty and Tom's rented park model for a potluck lunch.  Don made one of his beautiful salads.  Kitty and Tom are here for a few days and are good friends of Donna and Carl.

Donna, Kitty, JimDonna, Kitty, JimDon, Thelma, Carl Don, Thelma, Carl  Kitty, Jim, Tom, LaVon, DonKitty, Jim, Tom, LaVon, Don DonnaDonna Sorenson Kitty and TomKitty and Tom

Three new blooms arrived today on one of the hedgehog cactus.light pink Hedgehog cactus next to a fishhook barrel These are light pink and I call them cactus tulips.  They're not, of course, but they look a little like tulips.light pink hedgehog cactus This one is just regular pink... very Hedgehog cactus And close up.Pink Hedgehog cactus I don't know the name of this plant, but these flowers last for days.100_2955 Prickly pear cactus yellow rose.  Isn't it pretty?prickly pear cactus  rose Prickly pear cactus rosebud.  In a few days, this is going to be covered in roses, so stay tuned.prickly pear roses A moth feasting on the Beaver Tail cactus blooms.100_2963 There are a lot of these Beaver Tail's in the garden and they are all in full bloom.Beaver Tail cactus Looks like tissue paper flowers, doesn't it?Beaver Tail cactus


Tonight, we went over to Barb and Bud's for a game of Mexican Train with them and Barb's brother, Elmer and his wife Mary.  It was the men's night, but it was a pretty close game.  Elmer was proud of the guys.Elmer at Barb and Bud's for Mexican Train dominoes Mary and Bud.Mary and Bud It's been another good day at Sunscape RV Park and all six of the Big 12 teams in the NCAA tournament won their first games.  That makes us happy basketball fans. 

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Mrs. Monty said...

We loved your blooming flower pictures...just like being there. We remember how pretty they were last year. Take care.